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Organised originally as a sister camp to the One World Wellbeing festival (which is now in Portugal), The Festival of Dreams is a separate UK Based organisational structure and focus, the Festival of Dreams is designed with one eye on the future, to help children thrive in today’s fluid, mobile and interconnected society. The organising committee is very experienced in running family events and are dedicated to ensuring a fun, inclusive and action-packed weekend.

Those that have attended the (One World summer) event before will recognise a few familiar faces, including Kenny Lewis (One World Site Director), Simon Capper (One World Volunteer Manager), Claire and Mal Edwards (One World Kids Village Managers), John Thorne (One World Basketball and Lifeskills) and Jake Ward (One World Site Manager). Of course, we also look forward to welcoming many new faces!


Kenny (Ras Danzen) has been a festival organiser for ten years and One World site manger for six. He specialises in producing festivals that are inclusive, supportive and engaging for all the members of the family. He is currently completing a master’s degree and is a qualified Anthropologist (BA hons). Over the years Kenny has worked and still works at many festivals, including Oneworld Wellbeing festival,  ‘Unearthed in a Field’ and ‘The Phoenix Camp’ – and he can’t wait to add the The pioneering Festival of Dreams to his portfolio of successful family gatherings.

Jake Ward is Mr Reliable. A stalwart of the One World site crew he’s always helping out, whether its by pitching a tent, providing first aid or teaching a kid how to set something on fire…. after a proper risk assessment of course. An experienced mountaineer, educator and site manger Jake is an invaluable member of the Festival of Dreams crew, who has worked at festivals throughout the country and is looking forward to making the Easter Kids Village a huge success.

Many people will know Simon “Clarke” Capper from his time as the Volunteer Manager at One World. Working to ensure all attendees have great time, Clarke is an accredited coach who has extensive experience working with children across all age ranges. He has taught English at schools in China, rock climbing in America, rugby in England and hockey in N.Ireland. Moreover, Simon helps with the self-development of our volunteers and ensures that they too get the most out of the experience.

Mal has been the Sports Co-ordinator at One World Summer Festival for the last few years. He is a qualified and experienced Ice Hockey coach and loves motivating and encouraging young people to play sports and have healthy lifestyles. Mal has worked with vulnerable young people as a mentor alongside his career as a countryside warden and is currently studying Healthcare. Mal is excited about this new festival opportunity and a chance to share his love of sport and play.

Claire has been managing the kid’s village at the One World Summer festival for the last 3 years. She currently works as a dyslexia specialist with adults in higher education but is also a forest school leader and has been involved with running activities for children and young people for many years. Claire is looking forward to helping create a co-operative and kind community environment in which children and adults can have fun, thrive and grow together.

Jon coaches basketball and netball to lift levels of cooperation without any set ways of playing… while laughing a lot. After spending 15 years developing new ways to build teams and communities in some of the most complex organisations in the world, Jon gave it all up to home educate his 2 children. 8 years of home education have broadened  Jons view of the world and had a huge impact on who Jon is as a person. The OneWorld community has played a big part in helping Jon find who he is today.

Emma Gleave teaches pre & postnatal yoga, antenatal & hypno for birth. Emma runs a CIC for parent support with slings & baby wearing and involved with the red tent movement. Emma is a home educating mum of 2 lively boys, she is passionate about natural health, being outdoors, staying connected to the seasons, foraging, instilling our kids with confidence, resilience and empowerment to last them into the future.





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