The Festival of Dreams catering will be run by Justas and Kristina from Red Moon Roots cafe. With their assistance we have designed a balanced, healthy, vegetarian meal plan for the best possible value and we highly recommend you get involved.

Catering can be added at the time of booking.


We love to eat tasty wholesome food (most of the time!) – so why not provide it?

The Festival of Dreams will do exactly that! And what’s more, we will be offering cooking classes so the great food doesn’t have to stop at the end of the weekend!

Catering will be provided by Red Moon Roots, a growing collective of creative people. Red Moon Roots desires to share wholesome, healing food that doesn’t cost a fortune or harm the planet. Whether at community centres, events, workshops, retreats, or festivals, Red Moon Roots love to share their knowledge and are committed to adapting a menu full of flavour and colour.

Through our classes Red Moon Roots introduce vegetarian and vegan cuisines and have open discussions on health, art, ethics and how we can improve our own well-being as well as that of the community at large.

Our classes are playful and fun with hands on experience where experiments with ingredients are greatly encouraged and mistakes are part of the learning process that help us move forward.

“We want to empower ourselves and others to look deeper at our habits, how we live and our food choices to understand that what we put into our bodies is energy that affects the whole engine.” Red Moon Roots

So why don’t you join us on a culinary journey of cooking, foraging, planting, storytelling and singing and discover a kitchen where anything is possible.

Cooking Classes

Hands on – how to bake delicious cakes that are good for us. (6-11 yrs)

Getting involved – yummy nut and seed loaves. (6-11 yrs)

Pizza king – home made pizzas can taste better than a restaurant in Naples! (6-18 yrs)

What does it take to make a nourishing vegetarian meal? – how should it look…smell…taste..? (12-18 yrs)

To check out more of what Red Moon Roots has to offer check out their website here.