Get Involved

Do you want to learn new skills, gain experiences and give something back?

Then get involved behind the scenes at the Festival of Dreams!

We are always looking for enthusiastic and hardworking crew members and volunteers to support the delivery of our high-quality family-focussed event. Helping to setup and provide for the large number of attendees, we ensure each role will be tailored to your skills and interests, whether that’s looking after children, managing activities, office work or maintaining facilities!

Coming as a family? No problem, we have a number of volunteering solutions to allow parents to get involved while their kids have a great time. Let us know your situation in the get involved form below and we’ll get back to you with a plan that suits the whole family.

Volunteers must be over 18, have conversational English and be able to work in a shift pattern six hours a day.

Get involved by contacting us on facebook

Important information 

  • Admission for volunteers is free.
  • We provide camping pitch and tents for all volunteers free of charge but you are welcome to bring your own or alternatively book into our indoor accommodation. Click here for details.
  • Volunteers are asked to contribute towards the cost of food during their stay.
  • Kids attending the camp under the guardianship of a volunteer are entitled to 50% off the entry ticket price.
  • All volunteers working with children are required to have DBS certification or European equivalent.

We appreciate that volunteers who are attending to work may be put off by the need to contribute financially for food so please allow us a chance to explain. As this is the inaugural event of the Festival of Dreams our focus is not to make money but rather build a platform from which the festival can become an annual tradition that kids and families can look forward to year after year. In order to balance our desire to offer this opportunity to as many people as possible with the need to remain financially viable certain costs can be spread and absorbed and some need to be accounted for directly. Food with its need to be purchased and ordered far in advance of attendance is something that we simply have to account for at the point of sale. We hope you can appreciate this and want you to know that this is exactly the same policy for everyone onsite, from the guests to the managers everyone is contributing this fee to ensure the success of the Festival of Dreams for many years to come.